Friday, 26 February 2010

Springing into life

I got up at dawn today to the by now, guaranteed and expected grey skies and rain, but had my spirits lifted by a mini-dawn chorus of a Song Thrush, two Blackbirds and two Robins. There have been clear signs over the last 24 hrs here that the wildlife obviously don't suffer from the same weather-orientated depressions that us humans do.

Two pairs of Magpies are building nests in roadside bushes nearby and whilst looking round the garden yesterday I spotted a Robin coming out of a bush where I had placed an open-fronted nest box last year. On inspection there was an almost completed nest in the box, things were looking up. Then last night while it was pouring hard, I had a look at the garden pond by torchlight,to see if it had overflowed onto the lawn (it had), and lit up three of my resident frogs! A normal date in recent years but I had expected them to be late this year after such cold conditions.

So, despite the forecast of prolonged and heavy rain through Sunday into Monday, that will possibly see Midge and I kayaking around the reserve, I shall take heart from the fact that wildlife knows that Spring is just around the corner.


  1. Ive a feeling spring will come all of sudden and all at once - we won't be able to keep up!

  2. Derek ,
    Had Magpies refurbing last year's nest a couple of weeks ago , but don't seem to be using it yet . Blue Tits are trying to decide which box to use on the garage .
    If your last paragraph comes to pass , post a photo , never seen a Jack Russell with an oar in her paw !

  3. Greenie,

    Knowing my Jacko, she's be quite happy to sit at the front and let me do all the rowing.