Saturday, 10 April 2010

Its the weekend

This morning on Harty and the reserve, it was as blissful as I wrote about yesterday except for one major difference - it was the weekend and with the weekend comes that unwelcome element of Joe Public, the Moron.

I was sitting at the opposite end of the reserve, some distance from Shellness Point and on the sunny side of one of the salt workings mounds, blissfully enjoying the solitude and trying unsuccessfully to conjur up a Sedge Warbler in the reed beds nearby when I began to hear the distant noise of an amplified sewing machine. Travelling low along the nudist beach towards Shellness Point was a motorised paraglider. It passed the front of the Hamlet and the blockhouse and then put into the air the several hundred assorted waders that were at high-tide roost on the Point. It then circled round and round over them, making sure that none returned before flying back and alighting on the beach in front of the Hamlet, we can only hope that it isn't one of the week-enders there with a new toy. The blockhouse also had a new addition, several childen climbing on the top of it. It could of made for an interesting clash if the KP had been there this weekend and not last week!

Then, just to compound my depression, as I drove past the Raptor Viewing Mound on my way home, there was a group of people in the middle of one of the grazing fields out in front of the Mound. They were flying some model aircraft. Almost certainly this field will have nesting Lapwings in it but apparently they have permission to be there.

Unfortunately as the countryside continues to be diminished more and more by new housing estates I imagine these sort of frustrations will only get worse as everybody tries to pack into what's left of it. Monday to Friday bird watching seems like a better option for the summer at least.

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  1. I get both those disturbances on my patch Derek, plus many more, selfish ignorant people :-)