Monday, 12 July 2010

Rainy Day Blues

Those of you who have been reading my blogs this summer will have picked up on the fact that I am a tad obsessed with the euphoria that comes from experiencing a succession of hot and sunny days. The early morning sunshine, the opportunity to just wear a pair of shorts and a T shirt, to be dry underfoot, to lie back on a warm seawall and watch butterflies in the sun, to have your doors and windows open all the time. Not for me the alternative bliss that others derive from mud, cold winds, the weight that comes from wearing coats, gloves, scarves and wellington boots and sheltering behind a stormy breakwater.

You can imagine my despair at 4.00 this morning then to hear the increasing patter of raindrops outside my open bedroom window. At first I thought I was just having one of my regular nightmares that this might happen again, but then quickly realised that my eyes were open and I was indeed awake. A peek out of the window confirmed that the nightmare had indeed become reality, it was pouring and not only that, it was getting darker, not lighter. OMG as they say, what to do now, well obviously shaving was out - too risky in my new mood of despair, so go through to the back of the bungalow. Look at the direction the clouds were coming from, could it just be a quickly passing shower, were there blue skies and sunshine lurking to the south-west, but no it was overcast and rainy all the way.
Nothing for it, I had to put the lights on - yes lights on, how winterfied was that, and make a cup of tea and ponder the reserve this morning - long wet grass, mud under foot, reed beds weighed down with the weight of water and horror of horrors possibly wellie boots!

Well I did get to the reserve and it was wet and muddy, but I did manage to avoid the wellies, and there was bugger all about so I won't bore you with anymore, I shall just be at my bedside tonight praying for hot and sunny weather to return.


  1. A half hour bit of light rain and it's the end of the world 'tch' :-)

    Dry as a bone again here Derek

  2. Warren,

    A total of three hours, at times heavy, rain amounts to more than a bit of light rain

  3. I thoroughly enjoy the banter between you and Warren re the weather, esp. as my preferences lie between the two extremes -I love variety and am not as keen as you are Derek for unremitting sunshine.

  4. Well thank you Ken your comments will be most appreciated now.
    Warren's OK, he just can't decide on what weather he prefers, after complaining about all the hot stuff he can only be a day or two away from complaining about the cooler stuff.
    Me, the hotter and sunnier the better.