Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Day Off

At 06.00 this morning the last remnants of a very warm, sticky and clear night were just being replaced by a cloudy morning with a few spits and spots of rain. The forecast was for a wet day and so I decided to forgo my normal first hour reading the paper with a cup of tea and go straight to the reserve.
Even as I walked round the reserve at 06.30 it was obvious that grey skies, an increasing SW wind and spits of rain meant that the day was going to be different to those recently, I wasn't wrong.
I mainly went to the reserve to see how well the bulldozer had done throughout yesterday and the results were really good. Rills have appeared throughout the flat marsh and some low-lying areas have been re-scraped to improve their winter flooding abilities. When we eventually get back to mid-winter water-logged conditions all these areas will re-fill and hold water well into the Spring, to the benefit of plover and wader chicks.

I only managed an hour out there this morning before the rain set in properly but did come across a lovely looking moth on the seawall. It was difficult to get a decent photo of it because heavyish rain was falling and I didn't want to expose it to the rain too much. But I E-Mailed the rubbish photo below to Tony Morris and he identified it as a common and ordinary Drinker moth, the moth and I thought it was quite special!

Yesterday afternoon, as I had done all week, I took my daily, good-weather cycle ride around Minster and I sat on Minster Leas looking down on Minster beach packed with families sunbathing and swimming in temperatures of 30 degrees. This afternoon in temperatures a whole 10 degrees lower, I sat in my conservatory under grey skies and with rain lashing against the windows. I drank a glass or two of red wine, read a book about Ian Botham and reflected on those saddo's that complained about recent hot weather, because it was hot and nasty and didn't produce lots of good birds. Is that all their lives turn on, how many birds are seen.
"Life" and "get" came to mind because I know for a fact that they will also complain about the wet weather as well!

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  1. In my book Drinker Moths are special. Have a close look at the head and "face" next time you find one, nothing common or ordinary about that!