Monday, 21 January 2013

Harty in the Snow

After my last posting, Wilma, an American blogger who has just had the good fortune to move from Minnesota to Belize, asked for some photos of my dogs, so here are few from today's snow fields on Harty. Have a look at Wilma's excellent blog and dream about where you'd rather be right now

The view down the "concrete track" from outside Elliotts Farm.

Looking across to the reserve's barn and the hills of the mainland.

Ellie doing her Meerkat impersonation in order to see over the snow.

Ellie wishing she could grow up to have long legs like Midge. A lot less cold round the nether regions then.

The view down the track to the barn with rather threatening skies in the background.

Across the reserve to the new Seawall Hide.

The entrance spinney - hard to believe that Whitethroats will be nesting here in a few months time.

There's a rat in here somewhere!

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  1. Thanks, Derek, for the shout out to my blog. And especially thanks for the photos of the girls in the snow. You had a lot of snow! I didn't realize that Ellie was so much shorter than Midge, but it really shows in the photos. They are having a great time!