Monday, 27 May 2013

A Pictorial Ride to the Reserve

Early this morning the view from Capel Hill, across the flat Harty marshland was quite awesome.

This view looks south east towards Harty hill in the distance with the road hidden and following the bottom edge of the yellow field of rape

 Looking south-west with Capel Fleet winding its way through the marsh.

 Capel Fleet itself, taken from the corner of the road.

 The rape field in the second picture, now taken from the road itself and looking towards Harty Hill in the distance.

This family of rabbits was sitting alongside the road but in my haste to snap them before they scarpered I slightly blurred the photo.

 Once you carry on past the flat arable land of the marsh you rise up on to the higher ground around Harty Hill where the scenery changes to hedgerows and scrub bordering the arable fields, good bird habitat.

 Between Elliotts Farm and Brewers Farm my journey leads me to and through this thicket and back down onto the marshland of the Swale NNR.

 Here you see the short track that leads through it and out the other side where I then run down to the reserve's barn.

Below is a  view of some of the farmland that borders the reserve. Much of this scrubby habitat was deliberately planted many years ago to enhance the shooting prospects and has greatly enhanced all manner of wildlife ever since.

 Alongside the reserve's barn is the gate onto the flat marsh and grazing meadows of the reserve itself.

 The view immediately inside the gate looking south across the reserve.

 Some of the current occupiers of the reserve, enjoying an early morning cud chewing session.

 A view across The Swale at low tide with the mainland in the distance. This tidal width of water seperates Sheppey from the mainland - fortunately. (I couldn't get the photo to go back in line for some reason)

 A view over the Delph fleet reedbeds and across the reserve towards Leysdown.

 One of the reserve's mid-marsh old salt workings mounds (home to a small number of rabbits)

 One of the reasons for the reserve being there (Greylag Geese goslings)

And finally, in the distance north-westwards across the reserve, peeking over Harty Hill are the two land-based wind turbines in the grounds of Eastchurch Prison a few miles away. Hopefully this is not a glimpse of the future for the pleasant flatlands of Harty marshes.


  1. Thanks Tony, just trying to give a rough idea of what the area I write about looks like.

  2. Hi Derek
    Good evocative pix,done that walk,like you,in all wx in all seasons.
    We bicycled to Harty (3 of us)recently and ended up at the car park cafe at leysdown as the Ferry Inn was a bit pricey for our needs.
    We just stood quietly at Harty shore and enjoyed the "big sky"
    Thanks for posting.
    Gordon P alias Twisden.

  3. Twisden,
    Good to see that you are still about, have you stopped your ramblings on foot nowadays.
    The Ferry House Inn has become very expensive, especially the drinks, which is a real shame because it is a lovely place to end up at.

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