Thursday, 10 August 2017

Weather Dominates

After heavy-ish rain all afternoon and evening yesterday, the walk across the reserve this morning was wet, muddy and dominated by wind. Now yesterday's rain I was grateful for, we've long needed it, although one of the local farmers who still has to get his well ripe corn harvested, wouldn't agree. But being out this morning in wet conditions that were exacerbated by grey skies, spits of rain and a strong and cold NE wind was depressing to say the least. I needed to wear clothing very similar to what I would wear in the winter and had to continually tell myself that yes, really, this is the height of summer, if only by the date.
Last night I sat indoors watching the World Athletics Championships in London and to avoid putting the central heating on in mid-August, had to get up and put on a thick sweater. And the athletics, well they were taking place in non-stop rain and chilly winds, which affected the performances of many of them to some degree.
So this morning, as I wandered round hunched up in my winter coat, I also found myself reflecting on the fact that so far this year, our summer has consisted of two hot and sunny weeks seemingly many moons ago. Two rare weeks during which some people found it necessary to complain about how hot it was, well I hope that they are happy about these current awful weather conditions, because I bloody well ain't and I doubt many of the competitors at the athletics were either.


  1. I feel your pain, Derek. When we moved from warm Georgia to Minnesota in July 1993, we arrived during one of the coolest and wettest summers the area had ever experienced. We moved into our house and the first thing we did was turn on the central heat. I had planned on not starting my new job until August so that I could explore the area and "play" outside for a few weeks. But it was so cold and wet that I disgustedly started work right away. Still, we lived there for almost 20 years before escaping to Belize. This is the climate for me. Try to stay warm and dry.

  2. It was just a minor rant, Wilma. So frustrating watching the summer slipping by with so few hot and sunny days.

  3. I must say Derek that when I saw where yesterday's rain was centred on the weather map I thought you would be pleased of the downpour - sorely needed on the reserve I know.
    Today here has been a glorious Summer day, I hope it has with
    you too.

  4. Your comment on my post today is interesting Derek - it has been an exceptionally good silage year here -most local farmers have had three cuts.

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