Monday, 1 March 2010

After the Flood

Going over Capel Hill on the Harty Road this morning it was evident that yesterday's rain had increased the areas of surface flooding across the marshes but it wasn't to the extent that I was expecting, which was good news.
Not quite the same story on the reserve though, mainly because the reserve's flat marsh areas receive all the rain that drains off the higher farmland alongside and then can only drain back off at the one point, back onto the same farmland.
However, despite the increase in flooded acreage, under blue and sunny skies this morning and with the sunlight being reflected off all of that water, it was quite superb to see. Adding to the spectacle were large flocks of birds wheeling about in the sky everytime that a harrier passed over them. Yesterday really did seem another world away.

Back home in the garden and the Robin looks to have finished its nest in the nest box and spent some time sitting in there this morning. Hopefully eggs will be along fairly shortly. I also had my first Bumblebee, desperately trying to find some sustanance from snowdrops and heather.

So, dare we start to think of Spring.