Thursday, 4 March 2010

I went down the reserve at around 8.30 this morning but I can't say as I enjoyed it. Walking round in foot deep water and in wellies, and feeling cold under grey skies and a strongish E wind is not what I find terribly enjoyable. I've had enough of the cold and the wet now, despite the birds that are about. Missing out on a drake Garganey in Capel Fleet on my way back didn't help.
Guess I should of gone this afternoon when blue skies and sunshine would of made it so much more enjoyable but I was giving my lawns their first cut of the year then and later enjoying 85 degrees of warmth in my conservatory with a glass of wine.

That aside, don't you just feel that a Wheatear or Sand Martin is just around the corner, although Sand Martins aren't frequently seen across Sheppey in the Spring.


  1. Derek ,
    You certainly know how to live , wine in the afternoon , with the sun still above the yardarm .
    Shame you dipped on the Garganey , luckily had M&F at Dungeness on Monday .

  2. Greenie,

    A glass of wine in the afternoon goes down well after a hard slog on the lawns.
    Even better, I opened both doors of the conservatory and with the sun belting in I put an armchair in the doorway, got almost sunburnt in the sun and fell asleep for an hour. The joys of retirement, eh.