Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Case of You

This morning was a special morning on the reserve - a hot sun and blue sky beat down onto a humid panorama of flat fields and reed beds and in the hazy distance, places that I know faded into the mist.
The marsh was green and fresh and cattle and their new calves grazed happily amongst it all as Lapwings wheeled and dived and Skylarks, somewhere above, serenaded evereywhere with their song. Big skies, a flat marsh and in the distance the sparkle of the incoming sea.
I walked this same scenario in the winter in thick snow, ice and sub-zero winds and now it was pay-back time. Geese and ducks have given way to warblers, buntings and larks. Dead and yellow reed beds are turning green and barely a ripple scratches the seawall fleet.

" I could drink a case of you darling
and still I'd be on my feet,
I would still be on my feet"............Joni Mitchell.


  1. A wonderful, heady feeling to be one with nature in the morning of a fine spring day. Makes life worth living.

  2. Very true Wilma,it was one of those days that just couldn't help but make you feel really good with life.