Monday, 25 April 2011

Dylan's Demise

Before I go any further could I first of all apologise to those of my readers that don't know of the politics of Kentish birding and just simply enjoy my posts about my wildlife rambles, because I'm angry and need to have a rant.

There is an excellent blog out there, written by one Dylan Wrathall and called "The Dumpton Non-Comformist". Now as the title suggests, Dylan's blog doesn't always conform to what is the normal back-slapping chat that goes on between other blogs on wildlife in this area, but it is always well written and to me at least, always makes perfect sense. I was absolutely fuming this morning to read Dylan's latest posting and find that as a result of his latest opinion on a subject and at least one reaction, that Dylan has decided to bring his blog to an end, at least for the near future.
How did he upset somebody - he challenged the thinking behind the creation of the new bird in Kent, the "Channel Wagtail", an honest opinion with some sensible facts. As a result he received a comment that he felt unable to publish because it was likely to be offensive to other readers of his blog and what's more, that pathetic twat even hid behind the "anonymous" tag. Because this has happened before over his opinions Dylan now feels writing such stuff is pointless and therefore we lose one of the few alternative blogs in the area.
Like Dylan says, the whole reason for creating one's own blog is in order to be able to have, where necessary, an honest and different opinion to the mainstream without it being censured by the closed ranks of those cliques that control things like Forums. But it would appear that even on these now you can find yourself being involuntarily censured by anonymous people forwarding comments unwise or unsuitable to publish.

The alternative? you join the type of blogging circle that is prevalent at the moment whereby you write stuff that is never ever provoking and outside of the old-fashioned Enid Blyton view of the world, even if you do sometimes do nasty things really, and you confine it to simple, boring lists of birds. In that way your fellow blogging circle will love you and when you throw in a few hard done by's every now and then they will pat you on the back and say never mind, it'll be alright tomorrow. And one last thing, you have to patronise their blogs with similar comments otherwise they ignore you.

I guess if you don't do all of that, then as Dylan has found, they can grind you down one way or another. Will I be ground down, I hope not, even though I might be the only one reading my blog, there's very few replies these days. One thing is for sure, I always try to be honest with what I write and do, I don't deliberately hide some of the nasty bits, such as pest control.

I sincerely hope that Dylan re-thinks what he has said because an honest and thought provoking opinion is always very much needed in society and for me, Dylan will be sorely missed.


  1. Hi Derek

    Firstly, it certainly isn't the case that you're the only one reading your blog...I do as well so that makes 2 :) . Please keep going with it as I enjoy reading about your visits to a nearby area with which I'm not familiar.

    Secondly, the fact that someone, a 'keyboard warrior', feels it necessary that they need to write a vitriolic comment to Dylan under the 'anonymous' profile speaks volumes as to the likely amount of readers of his blog that may, as a result, challenge the validity of the 'Channel Wagtail' (or anything else that does not comply with their point of view) .
    As with the TV, if you don't like it, turn it off, or don't read his blog.

    Kind regards
    Anonymous! (Ben)

  2. Hi Derek, I felt the same way when I read Dylan's last post and dropped him a comment (Which is now moderated for understandable reasons) to let him know that he would be missed if he stopped.

    I am new to all of this and gain real value from all of the blogs I read. I do not feel experienced enough to risk the wrath of the community by making my blog any more than a holder for my photos but I have learnt a great deal of what you call the politics of Kentish birding form reading the posts of others.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. If you dish out attitude, you have to take it as well Derek. ive slagged off many on my blog, and I dont care who reads it or who replies to it!

    I have been contacted by a few angry locals, who have read my blog, and ive stuck to my guns and carried on regardless - thats what Dylan should do, carry on regardless !

  4. Well, thank you to the three people who have commented so far, especially Ben who I haven't heard from before, its nice to know that myself and more importantly, Dylan, do have support out there.
    Kieron, you do indeed have to be strong to publish comments that the Kentish clique don't like - the demise of Kosnet was one retaliation.

    Warren, thanks, you keep plugging back despite the stick I give you.

  5. I think more people are keeping up with your blog than you realise Derek even if they aren't commenting.

    When people express controversial opinions they should of course expect it will inevitably provoke strong reactions but it is a shame that someone feels moved to close their blog after (cowardly) anonymous comments. Perhaps he will have a change of heart when he has given it more thought.

    By the way I enjoyed the 'moody' photos on the previous post.

    Hope you are still enjoying the glorious weather :)

  6. Hi Derek. Go for it Derek, you 'represent' the individual in us all and I guess so does Dylan (I havent read his stuff) As someone who gets to Swale NNR no where near as many times as I should, living some 2 hours away with many commitments, I so enjoy, and am sometimes challenged when reading yr moody blogs.PLEASE continue. As for lists, (and twitchers)so so dull, homogenised, egotistical and pointless. Just stick with the colours in yr head and the feelings in your heart.

  7. Well, well, well, all heart is restored to this grumpy old fart and I hope if Dylan reads the comments above, it will also encourage him.
    I try not to be downright rude when I'm critical of other ways of doing things and firmly believe in what I'm saying, and it is vital that we can have our opinions and most importantly, put our name to such thoughts.
    "the colours in my head and the feelings in my heart" - I like that, why didn't I think of that.

  8. Well done Derek, as you know I don't have a blog of my own but like many others Ienjoy reading yours and indeed Dylans blog to keep me abreast of what is going on in other parts of the county/world. To you and Dylan and all the other bloggers keep up the good work I would miss them if they were not there.

  9. Can I please offer my sincere thanks to Derek, for this particular posting, and all of the comment makers, who have made the effort to express their opinions - I am very flattered.
    I have been in e-mail contact with Derek, but by way of explaining myself and the point at which I am now, I will fill you in with a few details. The anonymous comment was not the first I've received. The number of expletives and hurtful personal insults were a damming summary of the state of education within the UK. Generally, I will always publish comments of opposing views in order for the bigger picture to be understood. However, the number of OTT reactions to my alternative views does start to grind you down. Once the enjoyment of "blogging" has been removed, it becomes a chore and I've enough of them already!
    If, by taking a break for a couple of weeks, my enthusiasm is re-kindled, the Non-conformist will once again post about the natural world, as I see it. Once again, many thanks to everyone who made the effort to offer support.

  10. Thank you Derek for alerting us to Dylans dilemma.

    I drop in and out of his blog from time to time and enjoy reading his non conformist opinions - I know he is a fine birder and very helpful (just like your self!)
    I have posted a comment on there just now.
    As you know I dont understand nor wish to the complexities of birding politics- ordinary politics is quite enough for me!
    But anyone who is offensive and anonymous is a sad case - if one disagrees then just say so!


  11. Hi Derek, I just thought I would add my twopennyworth ,for what it's worth, all be it belatedly, I think it's great people have opinions and want to share them, especially as I am quite the opposite with no really strong points of view, boring I know!! I also agree with the principle, if you don't like it don't read it, I admit I don't read yours and Dylans blog all the time but when I do I find them entertaining, despite me being probably classed as more of a 'list' man, it wouldn't do to be all same. I hope Dylan does decide to continue and I hope there's no stopping you either :-)
    All the best

  12. Thanks Alan,
    It is important that we can all have our different opinion on things without some faceless prat getting abusive. I'm pretty sure that I pee off some of the people who have responded, with my view on things at times, but real credit to them for still placing comments.

  13. I am ammazed at the ground-swell of opinion that this pathetic incident has caused. Rest assured, come the week-end 7th/8th May, the Non-conformist will be back at the key-board.
    I am so very humbled by the response - it makes an old man vey happy!

  14. Brilliant Dylan, and keep up the good work.