Thursday, 2 June 2011

Summer Returns

It was an early morning walk round the reserve today under blue and cloudless skies and a very warm to hot sun, quite superb.
The only really outstanding birds today were Blackwits, Med. Gulls and a Water Rail that flew across a track between ditches, right in front of me. After that it was back to recording mostly wild flowers that are to be found around the reserve.
Having said that, the first photo is of a web full of Ground Lackey moth caterpillars out on the saltings. This is quite a rare moth these days and not found much outside of North Kent and Essex. (Double click on this photo to enlarge it and its quite amazing)

Whilst crossing the Delph Fleet a family party of Bearded Tits worked their way through the reed beds alongside me and I managed to snatch this photo of what I believe is a female before they were gone. (This one also enlarges quite well by double clicking on it)

So, back to the flowers and this first one is Grass Vetchling, a member of the pea family which has just the one flower per stem.

Water Forget-me Not along one of the ditch banks.

Wild Migonette.

Crow Garlic growing along the seawall. It has little spring onion like bulbs at the base and an onion-like smell.

This tiny flower is the Cut-leaved Cranesbill. It grows in quite large clumps along the top of the sea wall.

Also along the seaward side of the sea wall is a favourite of mine, the Sea Wormwood. It doesn't have spectacular flowers and is mainly a foliage plant but when rubbed it has a really pleasant and aromatic smell. Often when I've been handling something smelly, I've rubbed this plant in my hands to make them smell better.

And lastly, the seed head of the Goatsbeard.

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  1. A nice Summery post Derek and good to see those beautiful blue skies.

    The web of moth caterpillars is very impressive!

    Lovely to see the Bearded Tit, the photo does indeed enlarge well.