Sunday, 12 June 2011

Super Sunny Start

Just as yesterday I arrived at the reserve at 06.30 but today I managed over two hours of lovely warm, sunny and wind free weather before the wind and cloud eventually arrived to spoil the day.
I may of given the impression yesterday by going on about the mud and wet that we'd had a fair bit of rain but that has not been the case, only the top inch or so was wet. The ground under that remained bone dry and rock hard and one of the effects of that which is fairly common in such conditions is pictured below. Its something that people might not realise occurs but unless moles can find the same hole to re-enter the soil they find it impossible to dig their way back into the hard ground and then get stranded on the surface and eventually die.

On a more pleasant note I came across this juvenile Coot that was making its way along the edge of a ditch. What broods that I've seen this year have all been of only one or two chicks.

A few more butterflies were about this morning, mainly Meadow Browns and Small Heaths, but I did come across my first two Painted Ladies of the year. Unfortunately my little camera needs me to get fairly close to them to get photos, which scares them off, so its back to nice easy static things like wildflowers. As always they are better viewed by double clicking on each photo.
Firstly is this Black Horehound.

Scentless Mayweed

Birdsfoot Trefoil.

A bit gruesome I know but I also came across this spot on the farmland where de-horning of the cattle obviously took place at some time.

My little garden has managed to look quite good this year so couldn't resist a couple of shots of it. Wherever possible I have planted flowers and shrubs beneficial to bees and butterflies. Sitting alongside a large clump of Marjoram on a sunny afternoon watching its flowers covered in various types of bees is a simple pleasure as enjoyable as finding any rare bird. To the side you can just see the flight for my canaries aviary.

And lastly, taken through my conservatory window, something that is a normal sight to many bloggers but a rare and exciting sight for me, a family party of Goldfinches on my feeders. Hopefully my neighbours, who are further away than they look, didn't think I was aiming the camera at their bedroom.


  1. Once those Goldies find the Sunflowers seed, they'll keep coming back Derek, with more of their kind!

  2. Sad but interesting about the Mole Derek! I saw one dead with no injuries on a blog a couple of years ago so it looks like you have solved a mystery!

    Good to see the small amount of rain you have had has kept the flowers going on the reserve.

    Your garden does look a picture!

    Glad you have some Goldfinches. I think they are such colourful birds and always brighten the garden up.

  3. Jan,
    The mole situation is something I've noticed often over the years on the reserve once the ground gets hard.
    I was looking at the ears of corn with the neighbouring farmer this morning and although they're fully formed there's nothing in them at the moment but being shallow rooted the corn can get sustenance from this rain despite it not soaking in far.

  4. Seems to be a professionalism in photography, awesome pics..thanks to google for bringing me here, have bookmarked!@bose