Sunday, 19 August 2012

Perfect weather

I know I posted a similar picture on my last posting but I couldn't resist it again, it is has a tranquil feel and so typifies the time of year. Not only that Blogger has improved its picture format and by double clicking on the photo you can see it it in full size, almost as though you're actually there. Let's hope Blogger retains this format.

Even at 6.30 this morning the temperature was in the low 20's and climbing, and how fantastic it was to be able to walk round in just shorts and a T shirt at that time of day. With the temperature set to reach the low 30's today, well, how much better can life get, I love it but sadly it won't last.
Predictably however, one or two local bloggers, indeed those who've spent half the summer moaning about it being cold and wet, are now complaining about it being too hot and sunny - I wonder if the words ideal and perfect, actually exist in their odd lives.

Walking round this last few days it has been heartening to see the return of one or two species that have been struggling lately. Small flocks of Greenfinches have been evident over the last few days and this morning one flock numbered around 60 birds, hopefully its a sign that the dreaded disease that has killed them by many thousands in recent summers hasn't struck too badly this year. Likewise, whilst only being seen regularly in 2-3's, Small Tortoiseshell are being seen again, which is hopefully an encouraging sign. There were also a couple of Painted Ladies about as well this morning. Green Sandpipers still continue to get up from every patch of mud and shallow water and Little Egrets enjoy the easy fishing in the shallow water that is now very much the norm again.

All in all it was a perfect morning and a real joy to be out in such lovely weather, free of any hint of cold.


  1. It might not be sucha perfect morning when you need to put your fingers in your ears to keep out the sounds generated via Boris's Island!

  2. Whichever way you look at it Tony, we'll get something we don't want - we already have a small town being built on the virgin grasslands of southern Sheppey below Minster, and there is still talk of wind turbines being put across Harty. Our generation are probably the last to experience countryside in the size, quantity and quality that it has been for generations.