Saturday, 11 August 2012

Swale Barges

 The annual Swale Sailing Barge Match took place this morning from Harty Ferry. Here are few photoes taken from the reserve seawall as they began lining up for the start at 8.30. There were 11 barges in total and dozens of smaller boats of various sizes and type. (double click on the first photo to bring them up a bit better)


  1. Harty Ferry is one of my favourite places: Beowulf country. I use the place for the climactic battle chapter in the novel I have just finished.

  2. Great shots and account Derek. I never new there was such athing as Barge racing, I must make a note to visit next year.Thanks for the info.

  3. John, there's no doubting that the place does have "atmosphere"

    Mike, the race takes place every year, and depending on the tides, normally the second or third weekend in August. Shellness Point is a brilliant observation point as the barges, smacks , etc. come past as they go out into the open sea at the beginning.