Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Better Day

Well it wasn't wall to wall sunshine on the reserve this morning but it was a darn sight better than yesterday. Double click on these photos to enlarge them.

The first Harty lambs of the year.

This Lapwing nest scrape has now been completed and awaits its eggs.

This willow blosson greets me as I drive through the entry thicket to the reserve gate.

New moss growth on the seawall steps, which I think has a certain attractiveness.

A direction sign along the seawall, handy in case I get confused some days.

There were a lot of ducks there as I took this shot, which don't appear to be there now.

These next two photos show early growth of the Milk Thistle on the reserve. As far as I know this is the only place on Sheppey that it grows. By mid-summer this will have grown into very large flowers woth purple flower heads, variagated leaves and extremely spiteful spines.

The Mole has been busy. I wonder if he is down there doing his spring-cleaning now and perhaps dusting the Garibaldi plaster statues.

The camera shy Whitefronts take to the air again before I could get a decent photo


  1. That sounded like a better visit today Derek and you got some nice photos too :)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds moss attractive and it does look very nice growing on those steps.

    I don't think you are ever going to need that signpost, I'm sure you know every inch of the place like the back of your hand!

    I thought of you when passing Molehills today :)

  2. Jan,
    Well I guess that there's a lot worse things that could make you think of me.

    As you might of guessed I'm still playing with my new camera and trying to understand its potential.

  3. No sign of any Migrants then Derek, If they are not with you yet, I have no chance here!

    Keep me posted !

  4. Hi Derek.
    I reckon the migrants will be with you any day now. I look to you to see some shots of some of the first arrivals, so 'keep em peeled'.