Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First Martins and a List of Birds

We have had quite a few variations in the weather today. Dawn began with blue skies and a moderate frost and then as the sun came up it clouded over for a short while, then by mid-morning we were back to clear blue skies, vary warm sun and humid conditions and then by lunch time it had begun to cloud over again.
At the end of this posting I have listed the birds that I saw today, something that I rarely do and something that really surprised me.

Anyway, it was back to the reserve again this morning and the sign below points to the Harty Road turning and the reserve. Interestingly, if you double click on the photos and enlarge them, you will see on the road to Leysdown, behind the sign, the large plastic man that greets people into Leysdown. He changes his appearnce quite regularly.

I had another success as I wandered along the seawall this morning, 8 Sand Martins came winging across the saltings, over the heads of 180 White-fronted Geese feeding in the Flood and headed North across the reserve. That sighting was in some ways better than yesterday's Swallows because for some strange reason Sand Martins are rarely reported crossing the reserve in the Spring.
The rather hazy photo below also shows some of the Avocets taht were feeding in the Flood.

These two birds chose to watch me as I passed by in the car and so were snapped through the open window.

Birds seen today, both on the reserve and the farmland just over the fence.

Little Grebe - Cormorant - Little Egret - Grey Heron - Mute Swan - White-fronted Goose - Greylag Goose - Canada Goose - Brent Goose - Shelduck - Wigeon - Gadwall - Teal - Mallard - Shoveler - Pochard - Tufted Duck - Marsh Harrier - Hen Harrier - Kestrel - Peregrine - RL Partridge - Pheasant - Coot - Moorhen - Oystercatcher - Avocet - Golden Plover - Lapwing - Snipe - Curlew - Redshank - Green Sandpiper - Black-headed Gull - LBB Gull - Herring Gull - Stock Dove - Wood Pigeon - Barn Owl - Green Woodpecker - Skylark - Sand Martin - Meadow Pipit - Pied Wagtail - Wren - Robin - Blackbird - Bearded Tit - Great Tit - Magpie - Carrion Crow - Jackdaw - Starling - Chaffinch - Greenfinch - Goldfinch - Linnet - Corn Bunting - Reed Bunting.

60 species! - that has honestly amazed me, especially when you consider that I didn't go to the coastal fringes where I could of added Knot, Dunlin, Turnstone, etc, etc.


  1. I have only recorded 60 species in a day once here Derek, and it did take all day :-) I like to have a go at it at least once a year.

  2. Well as you know, its not normally my style but its intrigued me because if I'd have done a whole reserve count and included the shore birds as well, I reckon I could of gone past 70 types.

  3. Well done on that list today Derek,another good reason to pay the reserve a visit again.

  4. Mike,

    You should give it a try and there are some varied routes round which save it from getting boring if you don't mind walking.