Saturday, 19 March 2011

Its not funny!

By 8.00 this morning at my home in Minster, there were blue skies above and a warm sun already starting to melt the overnight frost. I set off for the reserve in a state of great joy and expectation - Spring at last!
By 8.20 I arrived at the reserve to be greeted by the sight below, weather on the reserve was just as it has been all week, thick mist and a chilly E. breeze.

Pretty much all I can say about my two hours walking round this morning was that I heard lots of different birds, but saw very few of them. OK, a couple of times the mist receded back a few hundred yards for 10 mins or so, but that was as good as it got and during one of those spells I did get to see the flock of 230 White-fronted Geese quite close up.
Eventually at 10.30 I decided to give up and go home and as you can see below, by that time very little had changed, there was still little to see beyond 200 yds.

Less than two miles from the reserve I was back in warm sun and blue skies - I probably should of gone later.


  1. It makes yer blood boil don't it Derek :-)

  2. You did get some atmospheric photos though.

    My first thought before I read what you said was perhaps a little later in the morning would have been better. Never mind Derek, I'm sure it will improve soon. We had sun and mild temperatures today.

  3. Jan,

    The rest of Sheppey was perfectly OK, it was just that very eastern tip of the Island, where the reserve is, that caught non-stop sea mist coming in.
    Swings and roundabouts I'm afraid, sonetimes its the other way round.