Monday, 3 May 2010

A bit nippy

A much briefer blog today to report on a short visit to the reserve earlier today. A much bigger contrast to the steamy warmth of last week out there you probably couldn't get. In the shelter of trees and hedges inland it probably wasn't too bad but on the marsh this morning, with no shelter and exposed to a near gale NE wind straight off the sea and with near sleety showers thrown in for good measure, it was uncomfortably bloody cold, I'm definitely getting softer in old age!
The reed beds alongside the barn gave the first indication of what it was going to be like, not a peep out of any Sedge Warbler and the reeds themslves swaying crazily in the wind. It was also immediately obvious, looking across the grazing fields, that a degree of surface water had returned to waterlog some of them and walking onto the nearest one I was splashing about in an inch or so of rainwater. These are the fields that still have many pairs of Lapwings and Redshanks nesting in them, so I assume some casulties can be expected in respect of some eggs sitting in cold water and therefore being ruined.
Walking hunched up into the strength of the wind it was difficult to hear much because of the roar of the wind past one's ears and it was surprising how few birds were actually moving about. Three Greenshanks flew past calling madly as they do, a pair of Greylags honked like mad as I got too near to their nest and a couple of Swallows battling against the icy wind made me feel sorry for them.
It was that kind of visit - no sitting on the seawall ruminating about blissful days, no butterflies, no wishing I hadn't worn my jumper - just bloody cold and windswept and I cleared off back home.

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  1. It wasn't much warmer here Derek! Although a few suny spells late this afternoon helped.

    bank hols are just about over now, so the weather can improve :-)