Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Blogs and Birdwatchers

I'm hoping that this latest posting does actually publish. As those of you who read this blog will have found this week, when attempting to open the "comments" you end up with a blank white screen, or I did when accessing it on somebody else's PC. It seems that due to having an IQ of 1 when it comes to PC's and twiddling with my blog on Saturday night, that I have managed to erase the back up governs of my blog and every attempt to get into it comes up with a blank screen which states that my browser is no longer supported by Blooger. And yet looking in my history of the last 300 subjects I found my last creation attempt and find I'm still able to create a posting through that, well providing this publishes that is. Its not satisfactory however and due to the fact that I now also have problems maintaing a constant broadband link to the internet, I'm awaiting a visit from a computer guy who will hopefully be able to sort out both problems.
I also intend joining the modern world and getting one of these new-fangled things called a Laptop and need his advice on a good, basic model to buy.

So in the meantime, it seems as though comments on my blog will not be able to be made or read, although my E-Mail address is on there, and if the blog disappears for a while you know why. It's a real pain at times being PC illiterate.

In respect of birdwatchers, its been amazing this winter to see the number of birdwatchers that appear to have discovered the eastern end of Sheppey, in the main due to a good supply of decent birds I suppose, but its been good to see so many people discovering the place. The Raptor Viewing Mound last weekend was a classic example, drawn out by excellent weather, people packed it and the Harty Road most of each day and got good views of many birds. The only down side at times, has been cars using the lay byes along the road as parking spots, which can cause passing problems at times for through traffic.
I understand from Kent Highways as well, that commencing next Monday, they are due to start a completer re-surface of the whole of the Harty Road and so therefore access along it could be problematical. It's a much needed stretch of work that in the short-term at least will be joyous for both drivers and their cars and hopefully it'll be a few years hence before the huge weight of the farm vehicles rendures it broken up again.


  1. Derek, just trying to leave a comment, just to see if I can. It’s the devil in me. I am one of those people that visited the east end of Sheppey last week, for the first time ever. I found Shellness a little bleak but then I suppose it would be, being on the end of the Island, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Harty ferry road. I was fascinated by walking down to the Swale by the pub and looking back across to where I often stand on the Oare side of the Swale. I am sure I saw Geoff Burton peering out from Oare through his scope. I must also own up to being one of the cars parked in the pull ins by the viewing mound, sorry but it escapes the crowd being in my own car. I hope I can post this. Regards Steve A.

  2. Steve, I'm glad you kind of liked eastern Sheppey. The gripe about the laybyes is a local thing, perhaps not to be taken to seriously, but it can be annoying especially either side of lunchtime when the pub traffic builds up and instead of being able to zip into the payby/passing point to let through other traffic, you can't get in because its being used as a car park.
    Hopefully you'll be back soon.

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