Tuesday 15 January 2013

Signs of Life at Last

Despite the very cold weather this week signs are beginning to appear of better things to come. In the small spinney that we drive through to get onto the reserve, the first willow buds are beginning to burst open, giving hope that catkins and indeed Spring might not be too far away. At the same time in my own garden, both Blue and Great Tits have been actively giving the various nest boxes the once over and hopefully ear-marking one for this year's breeding season. Its that time of the year when many of us start wishing our lives away as we dismiss the winter months still to come and urge Spring to hurry up, as every day we start to imagine that "I'm sure it stayed lighter a bit longer tonight."

On the reserve itself this morning, in bright sunshine, a great event was unfolding, the new hide had arrived and erection had begun, if that's the right word, although it was an almost orgasmic moment.

In the background the old Seawall Hide had just been felled from atop it's uprights and shortly after was reduced to a heap of burnt ash - I remember painting that, back in 1991 ready for the official reserve Opening Day. The new hide will not be as high as the posts would indicate, they will be cut back a bit once they're all in position but it will still give good views, not only across the reserve but out to The Swale as well. Hopefully, if all goes well, we hope to have a second one in place, in the center of the reserve, later this week.
I suppose the next event then will be the arrival of the first new graffiti in the Seawall Hide and probably before the first Swallow. All those felt-tipped memos of sexual activities alleged to have taken place in the hide, such as "Fred had sex with six girls here yesterday" - I suppose Derek saw six Bearded Tits doesn't have the same effect!
Anyway, hopefully by the weekend I will be able to post some photos of the newly completed Seawall Hide and even enjoy some warmer bird watching from it's interior, all I need to do now is find my felt-tipped pen in case I get bored.


  1. Well done Fred. He certainly seems to be pulling the birds!!! A post Derek with sex and erections. I think you might need to get out more!!!

  2. The result of a quiet winter me thinks Marc, and I'm too old to compete with Fred.

  3. Truely a momentous occassion all round Derek. Is that also some blue sky in the photo ?

  4. It certainly was on both points Mike. Blue skies, a new hide and bloody cold.