Saturday 29 July 2017

Surely not Autumn

There's a real feel of autumn out and about at the moment, something that others have commented on as well, so it's not just me. To all intent and purpose it's only the end of July and still mid-summer but so many signs are making it feel like autumn is making in-roads. A lot of heavy, grey skies, chilly winds and showers recently have aided that autumnal feel, as has the early disappearance of many birds. Early this morning large numbers of Swifts were passing through the reserve heading south, which is about right for the time of year but they were joined by many juvenile Swallows, leaving us already. The reed beds along the sea wall continue to quieten down, with only the odd call from a Reed or Sedge Warbler and today, seeing a family party of Yellow Wagtails, I was reminded that I haven't seen them for a while. There is a real deserted feel about the place. In just four weeks time the wildfowlers will be back to commence their six months of autumn/winter wildfowl shooting and I'm left wondering if those people who didn't like our mini heatwave, what seems like ages ago, might just be wishing for something similar again for a while.
To give even more credence to the autumnal feel I found these fresh horse mushrooms in the grazing meadow, defying the bone dry ground and springing up a month or two early.

Golden Samphire along the edge of the saltings

Sea Lavender on the saltings


  1. Let's hope that Nature's signs are misleading and that August will bring us another hot, summery spell with blue skies.

  2. Met Office's long term forecast is for unsettled weather....

  3. That sea lavender is beautiful Derek. Yes, there is a distinctly Autumnal feeling here too but I think I say that every year at the end of July. The weather is so changeable and everywhere the plants are beginning to look a bit jaded.

  4. Sorry about the dark photos Pat but it was a rather gloomy morning. It's a wet, dull and chilly evening here now.

  5. I wonder if the young swallows got an earlier start to life this year? Things seem pretty normal here. Currently watching a fantastic butterfly migration mostly sulfurs) headed south. Hope you get more seasonable and warm weather before autumn truly arrives.

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