Monday 23 December 2019

Sunshine came softly

"Sunshine came softly,
through my window today" ........Donovan

At last, I actually got up early this morning to dry roads and clear skies, in other words, no rain! Eventually those clear skies became blue skies, filled with sunshine and no clouds - after several days of trudging round the reserve in mud and deep water, in rain and wind, the sunshine made it seem so much more bearable.
Despite all the rain that has fell, the reserve still isn't as flooded as I've seen it in past years, more a case of ditches and fleets full up and overflowing and waterlogged grazing fields. Two weeks ago the ditch below was three feet lower than it is now.

The one below was a simple ditch last week, now turned into a fleet.

Two examples below of how the reed bed fleets have filled up and spread out, just need the ducks now.

After spending two hours on the reserve wading through or swimming the wet conditions, Ellie laughs in the face of dogs that wear coats, she's fit and tough.
The White-fronted Geese numbers continue to creep up on a daily basis, yesterday there were 74 and this morning 81, which seems odd. Normally we would expect them to arrive as cold weather pushes them across from Holland, etc. but our winds are currently from the south or south west.
With sunshine forecast for tomorrow and Christmas Day it will be great wandering round the reserve for the next few days, brightening up the one week of the year that I hate the most. If I hear one more person say that people should never be on their own at Christmas, I will scream. Some of us do actually enjoy missing all that Christmas crap, roll on the New Year!


  1. I'm with you on that Christmas gig. Yes, I get a great deal from seeing my grand-kids over the holiday period but the whole caper is about commercialism, no longer sure where the God Squad feature? Roll on 2020 and the start of another chapter! - Dyl

  2. Good wishes to you Derek. The winter solstice is past and the days are getting lighter. Only about 5 minutes per week now. but that will increase. I long to get up in daylight and feel the sun on my back.

  3. You and me both Avus, look out for the next post that I'll be doing in the coming days.

  4. Happy New Year........and thank you for your postings from Sheppey....I too will be looking for the next post.


  5. Happy New year Derek. Dont be to hard on the Kent FB lot they come from a different world: Disney followed by tv documentaries. Anyone who has been part of a conservation project or running a reserve will know that simply looking at birds is not enough. They havent learnt that. Sent with my greatest respect to you and hope we meet again. Ian

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