Friday 9 September 2011

Some Harty Views

The marsh part of the reserve remains quiet bird wise with even the Green Sandpipers now apparently having moved on. Wheatears are the most constant passage bird at the moment with several seen most days and along the edge of the saltings the four Eider ducks are spotted regularly, they were there today, an imm. drake and three ducks.
As a result I thought I'd capture a few views of Harty in general, although I picked a pretty gloomy day light-wise to do it but if you double click on each photo in turn, the enlarged view will be much better.
This first one is down the track running to Harty Church. Alongside it the farmer has sown a wildflower cover crop for the birds which as you can see includes sunflowers. Park Farm is in the background.

Passing the church and following the track down to the seawall and The Swale, out on the edge of the saltings the remains of the old sailing barge "Lizard" are gradually being swallowed up by the ever expanding saltings. It was originally built in 1891 and was still working during WW2 and is still serving cormorants today.

Half a mile away, moored in The Swale at Harty Ferry, there was the real thing this morning. Unfortunately I forgot to record its name.

This photo shows the causeway running down from the Ferry House Inn to what once used to be the site of Harty Ferry across to the mainland. It began as a simple boat rowed to and fro across but before it ended had improved to being wound to and fro by cable. The frame is all that remains of the original winding gear.

The view eastwards across Harty marshes from the top of Harty Hill, a little of the water in Capel Fleet is just visible in amongst the wide reed beds. When enlarged, this shows the old and the new - a sailing barge passing the wind turbines.

Harty Hill from the Harty Road.

The Raptor Viewing Mound along the Harty Road. Never the warmest of places in the cold winter winds.

The view NE from the Raptor Viewing Mound, a great place to watch harriers quartering the reed beds of Capel Fleet alongside.

From "Capel Corner" on the Harty Road, Capel Hill Farm sitting up on the hill to the north.

From the same spot, two views of Capel Fleet and its differing width, these two shots are seperated literally by just the width of the road.
Looking west.

And looking east.

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