Monday, 20 April 2015

Spitend Cottage

For those of you that are interested, here is the close up photograph of Spitend Cottage that I forgot to add to my posting yesterday.

Also regarding yesterday's posting and the mention of how dry it is becoming, I read in the Daily Telegraph today that the Met. Office is hinting that we might be heading towards a drought this summer. Apparently, as we on Sheppey know, so far in April we have only had a third of the rainfall normally expected during April. 
It has certainly caught one or two farmers out. A couple of weeks ago one of the farms alongside the reserve drilled his spring corn into a couple of large fields. When I had a look at it this morning the soil is dust dry and the corn seed is as dry and hard as when it was sown.

Secondly, I complained about how cold it has been, so what is it like today - warm and sunny and due to get warmer - I should have learnt by now!


  1. If only these buildings could talk Derek...

  2. Yes, if only Steve. I have researched some of the people that lived in the cottages out there, some are distant relatives of mine.
    Big thanks to the Elmley management for leaving them intact.

  3. Smart old relic, but imagine living in one, they were tough back then. Down here on the Marsh we`ve still got a few Lookers huts extant which the old time shepherds used in the lambing season. As for the weather its dry and dusty down here too, and the wind has been relentless, its still cold today. All the best Derek.