Saturday 21 April 2018

Early Reserve

A few photographs of the reserve looking quite good early this morning.
How we and the wildfowl would of loved to have seen it look back in mid-winter.

Two views of the "S Bend Ditch" - bone dry at the end of February. Although you can't see it, it curls across the marsh in the shape of an S

 Looking across towards the neighbouring farmland, with the reserve barn part hidden in the bushes in the foreground.

This Coot was doing it's best not to be noticed on it's nest.

And a second Coot's nest nearby. I will monitor it to see if all 8 eggs survive the attention of the local crows.


  1. Water and sun - hard to beat that!

  2. Yes, it's all looking well.
    How about an up-date blog from you.

  3. It's wonderful to see it looking so well. Recently visited in the WWF bird reserves in Seewinkel near Illmitz. The lakes were looking healthy too. There were thousand of greylag geese honking away. I fortunate enough to witness the great bustards courting ceremoniously on some pastureland near the old iron curtain. I took photos but I lost me camera. I think I left it on the roof the car and forgot about it.

  4. Wow, to see courting Great Bustards is something special, lucky you.

  5. Those eggs are not very well hidden are they Derek? I shall be surprised if they survive.