Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunshine Snaps

 Very early this morning on the reserve was one of those times when it was a real privelige to be able to be out on the reserve in such weather. There was a slight frost in places but with no wind it very quick warmed up in the strong sun. There's not too much dialogue in this posting, just views of the reserve how they appeared to the eye as I walked round, and at last, water dominates a lot of them, something that hasn't been the case for the last year. Double click on them to bring them up a bit better.

 Looking west across the grazing marsh above, and to the reserve barn, below.
 These shots below are of the Flood Scrape with some Avocets in attendance. OK they're not close ups, but you're seeing them how they actually were, not through a long lens.

 The shot below is looking south across the Flood towards the sea wall and its now closed hide.
 Below, The Flood from a distance.
 Below, looking across the reserve with Muswell Manor and Leysdown in the distance.
 Below, looking west across the grazing marsh with, to the left, the "S Bend Ditch" as it begins to snake away.

 Below, looking south across the "S Bend Ditch" with The Swale and the mainland in the distance.
 Ellie was also enjoying the sunshine.
 The reserve barn behind the willows.
 And the view onto the grazing marsh from the barn, over the 5-bar gate.

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