Friday 14 December 2018

Growing up - some of my lives.

A brief trip through my life.

Sometime before I was 5

 Sometime after I was 5 - at London Zoo

1966, aged 19 - the folk years

1967 - convincing myself I looked like Bob Dylan

1972-ish, married two years and the first of my continuous line of Jack Russell terriers.

1970-80's - the rabbiting me.

 1985 - the sporty and nude me.

Still 1980's

 1990's and well past 40

 Early 2000's and starting to show my age
 Gawd! - current day, 71 and looking every inch of it. Why did I do some things to excess!


  1. Glad you cut the bottom half of the nude off Derek - I wouldn't have wanted to feel to jealous!!!

  2. I bet a glimpse of that little boy emerges now and again.

  3. I had just come out of a cold sea on the nudist beach Steve, a good reason to cut the bottom half off.

  4. Didn't we all do some things to excess Derek? Actually I was rather put out that you cut the bottom half of that photo off (there's life in the old girl yet).

  5. There wasn't much life in the old willie though Pat, it was a cold sea.

  6. I think you are looking good, don't knock yourself.
    Great post

  7. Thanks Briony, I feel better already.

  8. A nice collection of pictures Derek and as Briony says dont be too hard on yourself, you've stayed slim and fit and got a head of hair. There are many 71 y.o's. who envy that.
    What is life without a few excesses anyway.

  9. You're right Dave, I've had a pretty good life and not many hardships.

  10. Great sequence of photos Derek! Like it said in that Elton John song - "I'm still standing after all this time!"

  11. Would of been a better title for this posting YP