Sunday 27 November 2011


Sadly, Nana my Beagle had to be put to sleep last Thursday and she has left behind a huge hole in the house that Midge and I are struggling to cope with.

She first appeared in the Faulkner household 16 years ago, after we had travelled down to Devon to collect her. This photo shows her, around four months old and getting her first taste of snow in my garden.

True to her breed, she lived for food and could sniff it out from some distance, and right up to the end would still remind me at 6.00 in the morning and 4.30 in the afternoon, that it was meal time. She could be asleep all day but at around 4pm you would suddenly hear a bark to remind you of the time. She was also an escape artist, once scaling a six foot high fence round my garden, via a bush, to see what was in a neighbours garden. And just like Midge is doing, she spent her whole life wandering the reserve and its neighbouring farmland, enjoying every year to the maximum.
Here she is asleep on my bed with the puppy Midge and in her prime on the reserve, a beautiful dog.

Unfortunately, arthritis, a heart murmur and a tumour, all combined in the end to make life uncomfortable and we had to say goodbye. She will be replaced but in the meantime she is badly missed.


  1. Hi Derek, really sorry to hear Nana, it sounds like she had a good life.

  2. Alan,

    Thanks very much and yes, she had a fantastic life, hard to better it.

  3. Sorry to have to read such news Derek. All the best and hold on to those good memories, they will never leave you.

  4. Sorry to hear the sad news Derek, maybe see you tomorrow morning mate wrap up though it should be a photographers morning.


  5. Hi Derek,
    I was sad to here your news, she sounded a great companion. She'd obviously had a very happy life, much of it out in the open where she could enjoy herself.

  6. So Sorry Derek, very sad news. Ian

  7. Derek - it is so hard to lose these companions that know us so well and go on loving us anyway. You gave her a wonderful life. My heart goes out to you and to Midge. Wilma

  8. So sorry to learn of your sad news Derek. You have many memories of the last 16 years with her which I am sure will last a very long time.Take care. Mike

  9. Thank you all so very much for your kind comments, for sure Nana had the best life a dog could have. Very soon Midge will be getting a new companion.