Tuesday, 2 November 2010


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  1. Hi Derek, How could I possibly not visit after the 'comment' you left on my blog :) Thank you very much, it was charming and I have left a reply there.

    I have actually popped in from time to time before and was actually half way through a rather long rant earlier this week concerning your 'Firing Blanks' post. Unfortunately I was called away from the computer and had to abandon it and never got round to writing it again. Needless to say I abhor wildfowl shooting and thought the punt gunning (which I had never heard of before) was absolutely hideous!

    I have often seen your banter with Warren which was what originally prompted me to visit your blog sometime ago. I shall certainly visit again :)

  2. Shy Songbird,
    I look forward to exchanging comments, great to have you on board.