Monday, 29 November 2010


Despite it being a fairly sunny early morning on the reserve it was frozen solid and offering few birds and so I took some photos with the intention of writing a historical item but the photos were poor and so I've scanned some photos on from much warmer and enjoyable times.
Below is a pleasant summer's day view along the seawall, back towards Shellness Hamlet. The seawall had just been mown, hence its yellow colour.

The saltings below Harty Church, covered in purple Sea Lavender and looking across to Oare nature reserve.

Lucy, my previous Jack Russell, having a closer look at the Sea Lavender.

The seawall fleet - "The Delph" - with a couple of Coots coming into view.

A female Pochard and duckling trying to keerp up, in "The Delph".


  1. It looks a much more hospitable place in those photos than it did in the ones on the previous post Derek!

    It must look a real picture with all the Sea Lavender, Lucy looked very pretty amongst it :)

  2. Look forward to some butterfly pics on here next summer Derek :-)

  3. Jan,

    I must admit I felt warmer just posting those pics today, unlike Warren I couldn't say it was warmer today and doubt many others did.

    I doubt very much that my little camera will stretch to close ups of butterflies but I will try.

  4. Good to see the sun in your beautiful photos, Derek.